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My experience here at ep cellulite crt has been fantastic! From the girls helping me to my sessions I have never been treated with such politeness and kindness. It is so nice to be treated so nicely on a daily basis. My experience in the sessions has been very beneficial, I fell better, by doing something good for myself and my body, along with feeling better about my appearance. My legs feel tighter and there has been a noticeable difference in how my skin looks.
Thank you

Bonnie SermeŮo
I would recommend this treatment to my family and friends it actually works and helps you to burn fat in the areas where you need it the most.

Rocio Estrada
Iím happy with this kind of treatment and Iím recommending it to my friends. I can see the results right after the 1st appt treatment on my body, skin.

Maria Leos
I saw a complete change on my body after my treatment. I feel more confident now & happier with what I see every day happening in my skin.

Davinia Gomez
I have seen great improvement with the AW. I would definitely recommend this treatment, it worth it.

Erika Lopez
It makes me feel more comfortable in many ways. I felt more confident to approach people, maybe because my self esteem went to a higher level. Itís Great!!

Claudia Munoz
I came into the office ďaccidentallyĒ looking for information for a friend, I am so happy I came in! I had wanted to lose weight through exercise but felt lethargic because my legs hurt, which was depressing. After my consultation I felt hopeful but wasnít sure. I went home and researched sound wave technology and was pleasantly surprised to see only positive reviews. After the first few sessions I started to see changes which motivated me to take even better care of myself and the emotional changes started happening too- more self confidence, happy with what I saw in the mirror instead of hiding from it and covering it up. Whatís great about this technology is that you work with it, doing Ĺ hour of aerobic activity daily, rather then surgery which is invasive, damages tissue and isnít a permanent solution. The staffs at EP Cellulite Center make it a pleasant and comfortable experience and thereís no feeling of shame or embarrassment.

Marie Caisido
Me es grato recomendar este tratamiento, yo pude notar la diferencia de antes y despues en la textura y apariencia en mis piernas. Si tienes la oportunidad od hacerlo, no lo pienses mas, no te arrepentiras, es excelente.

Luz Rios

After the treatment I feel with more energy. I noticed that my legs feel smother and firmer. I recommend this to all the woman that need to firm and get rid of cellulite. It does take a couple of sessions though, to achieve major results.

Marcela Fernandez

This treatment has been the only thing that has helped me decrease my cellulite, have energy and  all in one. This method is not only healthy but does not damage my body in the long run. I strongly recommend AW to anyone who wants real fast and safe results.

Izabel Acosta

Despues de haber probado todo tipo de remedies para combater la horrible celulitis, pot fin encontre un tratamiento eficiente. Agrego que el servicio es muy bueno, personal y calido. Gracias!

Claudia Diaz

Siempre habia estado luchando contra mi peso y mi ď GorduraĒ hacienda de todo para adelgazar y aunque a veses daba resultado, casi nunca el que yo esperaba, mas bien mi grasa y celulitis siempre estaba ahi. Cremas, pastilles, halamentos, maquinas, gimnasio, licuados, inyecciones etc. Me hecho experta en dietas hasta que vi el anuncio de EP Cellulite Center y decide pedir informacion.

Al llegar estaba un poco incredula porque ya habia hecho do todo y ya no solo era celulites sino un conjunto de factores fisicos y psecologicos lo que mas me afectaban asi que decide probar y comense el tratamiento con mucha esperanza y optimismo

Al principio estaba nerviosa y jamas espere ver resultados tan pronto como en 3 semanas

Tenia anos sin dormir por las noches asi que eso me tenia agotado, cansada, adolorida del cuerpo, frustrada y desesperada despuťs 6 a 8 tratamientos pero al Segundo, ya dormia ya me levantaba sin dolor de espalda y de cabeza, con mas energia y lista para el ejetreo diario.

Al cuarto tratamiento ya dormia toda la noche, amanecia descansada y aparte baje de peso, me quedaban flojos todos mis pantalones y los que no me quedaban ahora ya hasta se ven fabulosos y lo major todos me lo han notado y me lo han dicho ecluyendo me esposo que creo que esta un poco celoso per feliz de verme a mi feliz y contenta de como luzco.

Voy en mi octava sesion y los cambios son fabulosoa, estoy siempre de buen humor y me gusta ver como me luce mi ropa y ver que cada vez bajo mas de medidas y tallas y sin dieta, sin mal humor y sin frustaciones. Me siento muy bien y feliz por dentro y por afuera, fisica y emocionalmente. Ha cambiado mi vida totalmente. Gracias a EP Cellulite Center

Irma Zacarias

I am very happy with my results. Cellulite is going away and so are my stretch marks Iíve had for years, Iíve lost circumference around my legs so I feel great.

Miriam Diaz

I am very happy with the overall results. I noticed a huge change even from the first session in the way I felt. This is really a stress reliever. Something I did not expect but was really happy with!!

Rachael Ortiz

Excellent service and attention! Have seen a lot of improvement. Only effective thing I have tried for cellulite.

Laura Olvera

AW worked for me and it made a big improvement in my sit-ups, push ups, and my 2 mile run time. I have lost 7lbs, 2 inches off my waist, and 2 inches off my hips within a month. As a smoker, I have decreased my smoking habits. I am more energized and feel great, and my metabolism is back to normal. The treatment worked for me and it will work for you too. I recommend this treatment especially if you are trying to slim down.

US Army

This treatment has help me specially with my PMS. Cramps have been reduced by 70%. Iím not taking pain medication around the clock. bloatedness is less maybe 50%. Able to use shorts or tight jeans, constipation is less, been more regular. One time I got so nervous due to the fact that I thought I was pregnant. I did not have my usual PMS signs or symptoms.

Mirna Garcia

All of my Army career, I have always struggled to maintain within the Army body fat standards. Finally, after trying numerous ways to get rid of the cellulite and shrink my waist and hips, I have finally found something that works. Trust me, I have tried just about all there is; from lotions, wraps, detox programs, pills, specific shoes, scrubs, and even endermology. None of those worked like this did. My waist shrank two inches, my hips shrank 1Ĺ inches, and at least an inch on each of my thighs. I went from always being borderline on the U.S. Army body fat tape test to being 1Ĺ percent under. I highly recommend this program, especially to any soldier who struggles with the tape test. The results highly outweigh the cost.

P.M.A.B., SSG, U.S. Army
Fort Bliss, Texas

I think this treatment works slowly but it works, I feel myself more secure and comfortable, I wish this treatment could eliminate all cellulite at the first treatment but I think that depends a lot on each women body. For me I think it will take a long time in order to have the results that I want, but I feel good so far.

Zarina Fernandez

I just wanted to thank you for helping alleviate the cellulite on my thighs. I was fairly skeptical at first, but after the first few sessions was so pleased to see my legs looking tighter and more toned. I also got the added bonus of having my spider veins lessen! I am very appreciative of your willingness to achieve good results, not just stop at the number of sessions quoted! ...


With my initial consultation I was blown away by the pictures. I wanted to be one of those women. I can honestly say that after my fourth session I started seeing dramatic results. I recommend this treatment for anyone that wants to start looking good in shorts and skirts again.

E. King

Iím not living in El Paso, when I was visiting my family I heard about epcc, I had to extend my stay to finish the treatment, Iím very happy with my new skin and I loved the experience I wish I would have discovered this treatment sooner. Thanks epcc

Claudia R

Thank to you last weekend I was shopping for shorts. The way I look now is really priceless! Thanks again.

Mary O
El Paso, TX

I was asked not to check myself on mirror until the end of the treatment, my husband started noticing the changes on my tights from the third session, around the six session I lost close to 3Ē wow I couldnít believe my eyesÖ I can see at least 85% improvement so far! I highly recommend this clinic to everyone.

Ana R

After doing endermology for few sessions  slowly notice Iím getting even worst  I was very disappointed I thought there is no real solution for my orange peel skin, thanks to Ep cellulite center I feel happy and young again I give A+++ to their staff.

Martinez G

I was very skeptical about the results! trust me I tried them all from body wrap to meso, endermalogy , synergy, you name itÖ truly I believe there is a treatment for cellulite! even my knee pain is gone. Thank you so much EP Cellulite Center

Hernandez. B.

After trying different things without any results I was quiet hopeless for many years, until I heard about ep center on the radio, well I donít know how to describe it Iím very pleased with what I see! Significant improvement, I feel lucky listening the radio that day.

 Alma R

I loved this treatment, 1st I was glad that I found something that would actually work. 2nd I got fantastic results. When I am ready I will get more treatments. If you are ready to get rid of that cellulite I recommend this to everyone.

Blanca P

Es un tratamiento efectivo real, reafirma la piel y reduce circunferencia un poco, la textura se mejora,  es muy bueno.

Eva F

I am very pleased with the results.  The tone and texture of my skin improved as well to my satisfaction. I would highly recommend this procedure. Thank you for not only your wonderful treatments, but your professionalism as well.

Bonnie Pena

I have had cellulite for many years and real bad stretch marks in the inside of my thighs. Since getting the acoustic wave my cellulite and stretch marks have diminished greatly and my skin feels firmer and softer. I feel more relaxed and with more energy, I feel less stress in my job. I would recommend this to anybody because it really works. I have tried everything else and nothing has worked for me.


I am very happy with the results of my treatment. My skin tone and texture have improved significantly. Now that I've seen the results and know what this treatment can do for me, I already have plans to come back to see you for more! Thank you for your wonderful service. It is unlike any other I have ever received.
See you soon!

Sandra A

I was working out over four days a week in order to improve the cellulite on my legs. However many days I worked out, the cellulite on my legs did not seem to improve. Because of this, I decided on Acoustic Wave on my legs. Since I started the treatments, I find that the cellulite has decreased and the appearance of my legs is better.
A secondary benefit from the Acoustic Wave to me is that I feel calm and relaxed. I work on a high stress job and I find that I am calm and able to handle stressful situations in a calm manner.

Carol H
November 2007

First of all I want to thank EP Cellulite Center for making my legs pretty again. I have always worked out but even with the exercise I was always annoyed with the cellulite that I had on my thighs. The more I tried to get rid of it I always felt over time the condition was getting worse. For the first time in a long time I feel comfortable wearing shorts and short skirts. After seeing the results of the treatment the first thing I did was go to the stores and bought shorter shorts and skirts. Iím very happy with the results and definitely recommend this to all women annoyed with cellulite. Thanks again!

Amanda I.

July 2007

I tried for the first time Acoustic Wave treatment at EP Cellulite Center. Iím very pleased with the results. The first improvement I noticed was how my skin became very smooth then finally the cellulite was not visible. Iím 52 years old and itís been years since Iíve seen my legs looking this youthful.

Magda G.

El Paso, TX

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